social media

studio four nyc blog

with a constant flow of new and beautiful products in the Studio four nyc showroom, the blog helps their clients and followers keep tabs on what they can expect on their next visit. the blog offers an in-depth look at items often featured on our instagram feed. i maintained the blog, created visual content, along with writing and editing copy, from june 2015- Jan 2017

the market instagram 

the e-commerce space for studio four nyc, the market, offers their remote shoppers access to many of the goods available in the showroom. they are developing an engaged following on instagram, who are interested in new products from their favorite artisans and daily inspiration. i created original visual content, wrote all copy, and designed promotional posts from from june 2015- Jan 2017. 

studio four nyc pinterest

the pinterest for studio four nyc is a way for studio four to make their products available for their followers' inspiration boards. new products were uploaded directly from their ecommerce site to offer immediate redirection to complete a purchase. i also posted inspiration images that help define the studio four nyc brand, from june 2015- Jan 2017.